Bibliofreak.net is a literary blog, which carries an intelligent, culturally aware readership. There are currently three advertising slots available on Bibliofreak.net through which to target adverts at this audience. Please find details below. If you would like to book any of the slots, or find out more, do get in touch at bibliofreakblog@gmail.com.

(1) Indie Book of the Week (IBotW) slot 
This is a free advertising space that I provide for books published independently, or by small publishing houses. To apply for IBotW simply send a cover image to bibliofreakblog@gmail.com to be added to the applications. Each week on a Monday, a book is selected from the current applications and posted on Bibliofreak.net. The cover image remains in the blog’s header for a full week, and remains on the IBotW archive page forever. To see previous featured books, and for more information take a look at the Indie Book of the Week page. 

(2) Column Header - 250x250 square
This is the most prominent advertising space on Bibliofreak.net, and can accommodate image ads, text ads, or basic scripted ads. Ad space can be purchased in either weekly blocks, or monthly blocks for a discount. To enquire about prices, and current web statistics, please e-mail bibliofreakblog@gmail.com.

(3) Column Skyscraper –120x600 rectangle
Sitting below the fold, this advertising space offers a cheaper option for buying up some advertising space on Bibliofreak.net. Carefully positioned so as to be visible at the end of the average post, when readers are ready to navigate to a new page, this is a good alternative to (2) the 250x250 square. The space can accommodate image, text, or scripted ads, and may be booked in either weekly or, for a discount, monthly blocks. Get in touch at bibliofreakblog@gmail.com.

Please note, all adverts are subject to approval.


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These are awesome opportunities for both businesses and New York advertising agencies. More power to your blog.

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Thanks for sharing. I'm sure advertisers are now checking these out. More opportunities for us. Thanks! - Zara M