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Mark said...

I will die a happy guy if you will review my novel about to be released. Just tell me where to send it:

The Last Shibboleth

Shibboleth [shĭb′ə-lĭth, -lĕth′]


1. a test

2. a word or custom whose variations in pronunciation or style is used to differentiate members of groups, races, or classes

3. ‎“ear” of grain. From Hebrew: שיבולת, first used in Judges 12:5-6, a word by which one group, the Gileadites, identified, trapped, and executed 42,000 speech-impaired Ephraimites who could not pronounce the sound sh (a story never told in Sunday School).

Islam, Judaism, Christianity, historic sources of love, good deeds, and war come together in the most unimaginable setting—Jerusalem—notorious for violence, forgiveness, redemption.

These three contrasting world views are represented by three families who “accidentally” come together in the West Bank—A New York financier and family (Jewish), a Midwestern salesman and family (“nominal” Christian), and a Palestinian family (Muslim). And of course, there is a kid whose curiosity will always get the better of him. They unmask each other stereotypes as they read previously undiscovered documents from the first century. Meanwhile, Israeli security scrambles to protect them from each other.

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