Want to submit a book for me to review? This page covers all the information you will need.

What sort of books do I read?

It is a dangerous thing to write, but I will try almost any type of book. I do, however, tend towards literary fiction and don't read erotica or chick-lit all that often (surprise, surprise). The best guide I can give anyone is to take a look at some of my reviews to get a flavour of what I am enjoying at the moment. The main thing to know, though, is that I go into every new book with an open mind.

What format should review copies be provided in?

I only read in print, I'm afraid, so if you are submitting a book for consideration, please be aware that if I ask for a copy you will need to ship me out a hard copy. I realise this doesn't work for everyone but having tried e-readers for a bit, I just couldn't get on with them so no longer have an e-reader of any description. So, if you are e-only, this curmudgeon is not for you.

How to submit a review request

The important part. If you would like to submit a review request, please email me at bibliofreakblog@gmail.com.

If the book is already published, please include a link to a sales page (preferably Amazon for ease). If the book is forthcoming then include any promotional information you have. 

Please remember

I love hearing about new books and appreciate your taking the time to submit requests to me. However, while I try to respond to all emails I receive, I get an awful lot and often it is just not feasible. 

If I do accept a book, please note, this does not guarantee a review. I will only ever accept books on this basis. Sometimes I will start a book and find that it is simply not for me, or will find that other projects cut down my reading time. 

Finally, I accept no financial payment for reviews. I offer honest reviews, which can be both good and bad. Don't expect anything else.