Twitter Power 2.0 by Joel Comm book cover
Twitter Power 2.0 (2010) offers a full guide to marketing oneself or one’s company on twitter, from the basics of signing up through to more complex strategies for building follower lists and monetizing one’s twitter feed. With both commercial and personal twitter use increasing rapidly a guide book to the service is invaluable.

On the whole Twitter Power 2.0 pitches itself at the novice, positioning and explaining the basic structure of Twitter for the beginner, but also considering more advanced techniques for building a strong brand and using one’s followers to shape future products and services. Whilst this is all very interesting for the novice, advanced users may find some of the topics lacking in depth and overall won’t find anything revolutionary in the work.

As one might expect coming from a web background, Joel Comm’s writing is plain and easy to follow; like Twitter he simplifies potentially complex topics and presents them in a way that the average reader will be able to follow. The chapters are logically arranged and cover the majority of topics that one would expect to a comfortable level of detail.

As a guide to making the most of Twitter and building an online brand Twitter Power 2.0 is an easy-to-follow and useful overview that leaves plenty of room for further reading.

As someone who had next to zero twitter experience before reading this book I found it a really helpful introduction and picked up plenty of useful tips.

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