At the moment I’m mid-way through both London Fields and the The Fry Chronicles, so before I start anything new this month I want to finish reading those. For those who like to read along I’m committing to finishing both of those this month.

Having enjoyed Lucky Jim and Saturday Night and Sunday Morning over the last couple of months I’d like to try another 1950s novel. Room at the Top has always been recommended to me as one of the key novels from the ‘angry young men’ generation so I plan on giving that a whirl.

I was underwhelmed by Titus Groan last month, but I want to plow on with the Gormenghast trilogy and see if the work as a whole is worthy of all the good press it gets. If I get a chance I’ll make a start on Gormenghast, the second book in the trilogy.

Finally, I picked up God Collar by Marcus Brigstocke whilst in a book shop the other day. Marcus is a comedian I really enjoy and I think I’ll enjoy his take of religion and atheism in the modern world.

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