Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel Book Cover
October has felt like a very busy month - with the first-ever interviews to be published on Bibliofreak.net going live, and a spike in traffic to the site. It's been absolutely lovely to meet all the new readers, and I hope you continue to enjoy my writing. As for the books I'd intended to review last month, I am mid-way through two of them, so before I do anything else in November I plan to finish The Line of Beauty, and The Adventures of Augie March, and post reviews of those.

I have to admit, I've decided to be a little biased towards my own reading tastes this month. It feels like I've been reading a lot of contemporary fiction, and I haven't picked up any classics for a while, so this month I'm trying to mix it up a bit. My book for November will be the hefty Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel, a novel based on the life of Thomas Cromwell, with much to say about the English reformation. The book won many plaudits on its release, and picked up the 2009 Booker prize. At almost 700 pages the hardback should keep me busy for a while.

With that in mind, I'm also planning to read Camus's existential novel, The Outsider, a smaller volume, and one that requires more thinking time than reading time.

I'm also going to pick up one of my favourite classic authors and read Hardy's, Jude the Obscure, whose central character is based on one of Hardy's good friends who died tragically young.

With some fairly weighty reading to get through those are all the books I'm planning to read and review this month. If you have any suggestions for next month, or if you've read any of this month's list, do comment and let me know.

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