Puzzle: Book Covers #001

Penguin are famous for their 'classics' series, each classic carefully reproduced to ensure generation after generation can enjoy some of the finest literature ever set down in the English language. Most readers will be familiar with Penguin books and will know that each book features a painting or image on the cover that symbolises the novel's content, with varying degrees of success. The 8 images below have all featured on covers, but can you work out which classic each represents? For those of you brave enough, why not post your guesses in the comments box before checking the answers?


Petra said...

5 is The Return of the Native, but I have it in front of me on the desk :) and 7 is Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Then I can only guess.
2 might be something Austen, Emma?
3 something Brontë, Vilette? But I think I've seen them all before.

Petra said...

Just saw the answers, at least I got something right:)

Matthew (The Bibliofreak) said...

Haha, having the book on your desk probably gives you an unfair advantage :P

Still, well done for getting some of them right! Even I find it tricky to remember the answers - and I only wrote the post yesterday!

Anonymous said...

really cool! I enjoy your quiz/games very much

Matthew (The Bibliofreak) said...

I'm really pleased :) I like putting them together - brings out my inner child (who is surprisingly close to the surface, as it turns out).

Petra said...

Well at least I admitted it :)

Matthew (The Bibliofreak) said...

True - very honest - you should probably get an extra point for that.

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