The Guys' Guy's Guide to Love by Robert Manni book cover
And so I've made it all the way to 2012, still blogging, still loving it. I've had a fantastic 2011 of reviewing and meeting new people so to all those people I have met and who have support me, thank you. I hope 2012 will be even better - my first full year of blogging!

To kick off 2012 I'm going to be reading a lesser known title as my book of the month. The Guys' Guy's Guide to Love is, apparently, the successor to Sex and the City - but for men. Set in the high-flying world of ad agencies in New York, it's a tale of love and lust, offering a unique insight into the male psyche - or so it claims. If nothing else, it sounds like a lot of fun and I'll be participating in the blog tour to promote the book during the latter part of January. If everything comes together I should also have an interview with the author Robert Manni.

I still have the reviews of Jude the Obscure and The Outsider to write and post, but I should have the time to write something fairly substantial on both of these during Januray (promises, promises), so will hopefully be putting out reviews and analyses for one or the other at some point during the month, and saving the other for February. 

I'm also still hoping to find time for Alan Hollinghurst's The Swimming Pool Library, but after The Guys' Guy's Guide to Love I might be all sexed out for the month and in need of something a little gentler in pace. In which case, I shall turn to Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, John LeCarre's famous spy story, which was recently turned into a major movie starring Colin Firth. I really want to read the book before watching the film, and having failed once before really feel I ought to give it another go.

I also fancy exploring His Dark Materials a little further, so will definitely make time to read the second book in the series, The Subtle Knife - hopefully it will live up to Northern Lights, the first book in the series, which I loved (see my review)!

I'm also planning to make 2012 the year of Dickens. With it being the bicentenary of his birth on 7th February 2012, I thought it would be a good opportunity to get stuck into some of the events being planned to celebrate the date, and read as many of his books as possible this year. I've got quite a few reads on the go at the moment so when they're all tidied up, I'll start my Dickens marathon in earnest - look out for next month's plan.

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