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Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops (2012) is Jen Campbell's aptly named book about the odd and humourous enquiries received by booksellers up and down the land, but most particularly in The Edinburgh Bookshop, and Ripping Yarns, an antiquarian bookshop in London. During her time working in bookshops, Campbell began documenting the amusing interactions she had day-to-day with customers and eventually posted these on her blog. These tidbits became so popular that, when they came to the attention of Neil Gaiman, fate conspired and Jen was offered a publishing deal. The result is a neat little collection of amusing episodes accompanied by fun illustrations from Greg McLeod, of the Brothers McLeod.

The book sits firmly in the novelty / coffee-table-book section and, whilst it's easy to get sucked into reading one anecdote after another, most readers will find the greatest pleasure from dipping in and out of this collection, and sharing their favourites with friends and fellow book lovers. The illustrations are a nice touch and break up the flow of anecdotes neatly. To give you a flavour of the book, here are a couple of my favourite episodes:

CUSTOMER (to her friend): What's this literary criticism section? Is it for books that complain about other books?

CUSTOMER: If my daughter wants to buy books from the teenage section do you need to see some form of ID? It was her thirteenth birthday this weekend. I can show you pictures of the cake. You can count the candles.

All the anecdotes are short and sharp, Campbell relaying them with pointed and well-observed humour and irony. There is a creeping sense that some of the interactions are too perfectly witty, the comebacks too bold and crisp, and one wonders how much fluffing has gone into some of the accounts to make them publication-worthy. However, the enquiries relayed here will strike a chord with dispensers of books everywhere; from booksellers to librarians, the intrepid market stall holders to the car boot sale brigade. This is a book for you – those who fend off, with an assured and good-humoured irony, the oft bizarre enquiries of enthusiastic book-seekers.

This is a delightful little book, which will no doubt be passed between friends and booksellers, each comparing personal encounters of the bizarre kind. Although a slim volume, the book feels well-judged and, whilst an introduction to the collection would have been a nice touch, the overall package is quirky, amusing, and exactly what one would expect. If this doesn't have you nodding your head in recognition, or chortling into your lunch time sandwich, then guess what: you're probably one of the 'characters' this book is about.

There are some great little anecdotes in this book; as a librarian I can definitely sympathise, and anyone that has spent any time around books will surely appreciate Campbell's collection too.

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