Vowel Play #002: Harry Potter Characters

Many of us grew up reading the Harry Potter series and have fond memories of all the wonderful characters that J. K. Rowling filled her books with, but how many can you spot in the list below? The vowels have been removed, and you need at least first and second names for all characters. Feel free to share your guesses in the feedback below, and tell us all how you got on!








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Anonymous said...

Think I'm too much of a Potter-head - took me less than a minute to get all of these! I won't post my guesses as I don;t want to spoil others' fun :)
P.S. Shouldn't the last one have an "X" at the beginning, or did you remove it to make it less obvious?

Matthew Selwyn said...

Haha, excellent work! I didn't want to make things to hard - but look out for a word search going up tomorrow - that might provide a few more problems, even for a Potter-head :)

You are quite right, I'm not sure what happened there. Thanks for pointing it out, I have now updated, although you're right, quite a bit easier now.

Anonymous said...

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