The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid book cover
Well crikey mikey, good golly, and how’s about that then? There goes September and it would appear, outwardly, that the old blogging juices have all but dried up in these parts – fear not, however, the creative planes are far from barren. Rather they are lush beyond decency, and I’m currently hacking my way through them just to take stock of where exactly I’m at and where I’m heading next. Of course, what I’m basically saying is that I’ve been a tad busy this month, but aren’t you pleased I went with a clunky metaphor to convey that bit of tedious housekeeping?

In light of the fact that I’ve got promised reviews backing up and a to-be-read pile which now resembles a great monolithic slab; books no longer entities in their own right, but simply blocks in the great alter at which I nightly worship - again, that is to say, I’ve got quite a few books, innit? – mapping out a month’s reading is somewhat problematic. So don’t take any promises too seriously, but know that I’ll be hunched over a desk somewhere at all times this month, either scribbling out some wordy missive or other, or working my way through the monolithic canon.

First up, I’d like to look at The Reluctant Fundamentalist, as this is something I’ve now spent a bit of time thinking about and is a book that is worth talking about. I’ve already had quite a few discussions with fellow readers of the book and am yet to feel I have fully appreciated Mohsin Hamid’s subtle look at the conversation between East and West.

Next, I think we might as well talk about The Rosie Project as that was high up on my list last month, and I have a nagging feeling that I have a half-finished review somewhere on my hard drive, although that might just be wishful thinking.

Looking beyond last month’s leftovers, I think I might have a go at Daniel Defoe’s Roxana this month if I have the time. I’m currently reading a lot of early English novels, and this is one of the first that I’ve been set for my course. Already from flicking through it, the amount of capitalisation has both appalled and amused me, but I’m sure I’ll get past that and enjoy Roxana’s adventures.

I’m not sure it’s wise to promise anything more, particularly as I’m quite sure I can barely deliver on the above as it is. I will catch up, however, once I get my head round this ‘life’ business, so stick with me, and let me know if there are any (short) books you think I should be reading right now.

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