The Time Machine by H. G. Wells book cover
Well my oh my, if it isn't a whole new year of something - happy 2014 you lovely little blog readers. I hope this coming year is filled with books, beauty, and blogging for you all!

What will I be up to in 2014 you ask? Very kind of you to ask. Well, I shall be plodding along as all self-respecting librarians/students/aspiring-novelists/business-owners/curmudgeons (it's a niche group, I'll grant you) do. Sometimes I do stop and wonder how I manage to find time for it all - then I remember all the things I've forgotten to do, and have a minor panic attack. If you're regular here, you'll be aware that the reviews have taken a serious hit in the last few months of 2013, and I don't really expect them to pick up again anytime soon. Do stick with me though, lovely cyber-bods, because I do hope to get back to doing serious reviewing at some point. And aren't I worth waiting for?

So what's the plan for January? Well, there isn't one really (shock horror, I know), other then generally read some shit, write some shit, see how shit goes down. And if that's not plan enough for you, then there's no pleasing you, you demanding lot. I suppose I might as well pick a book for January, although last month's book - The World is a Wedding - promptly lost itself after I determined to read it in December, so it might be curtains for whatever I pick.

Shall we say The Time Machine by H. G. Wells? Why you ask - well why not? It's not like that's an entirely random selection, which has nothing to do with New Year, or anything else, is it? I'm not the hugest science-fiction fan, but I quite enjoyed Wells's Invisible Man when I picked it up last year so I thought I'd go for another classic here.

Other than that, we'll just have to see what 2014 brings...

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