The Third Man by Graham Greene book cover
It’s been quite a 2014 for me, and 2015 is looking just as big: I hope to have a second novel published to follow my first (out last month - did I not say?), not to mention beefing up the blog a bit with a few more posts over the coming months. I hope your 2015 is looking as rosy! I hope also that you’ve had a wonderful Christmas (it’s not too late to get in the festive mood with my little quiz featuring some of the bestselling books of this year).

So, turkey to one side, New Year’s eve a hazy memory, what will I be reading this January? I’ve had a few books floating around for a while, some particularly interesting non-fiction titles that will probably keep for a weeks longer. I think I’m likely to start with The Third Man by Graham Greene – I can’t remember what got be wanting to read this recently (it’s been a fair while since I’ve seen the film) but it looks to be a good, light read to ease me into the year. I think Greene wrote it as preparation for writing the film script for The Third Man, so it will be interesting to compare it to the resulting feature.

Another book I’ve been meaning to review for ages is The Zone of Interest by Martin Amis – it keeps slipping my mind, which is irritating because I had a few things to say about the book, particularly as I seemed to be less enamoured by it than most of the media and other early readers. Hopefully I’ll be able to remember what caused me to have doubts some month’s down the line.

To round off, I’ll get my review of Russell Brand’s Revolution out this month. I’ve already read this but have been too distracted by festivities to get a review up.

That’s my 2015 off to a tidy start then. Happy New Year to you all – I hope it’s a good one for you!

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