I have been a right lazy toerag this March. I can’t remember the last time I put up exactly 0 posts in a month. I’m afraid I’ve been distracted working on my novel and catching Pokemon in this lovely weather (probably more the latter, to be honest). And so my list of books to review mounts ever higher and the likelihood of me making a dent in the list gets ever less likely. Still, the sun is shining and everything is beautiful (and nothing hurts?). You know, apart from Article 50 being triggered and the impending collapse of Western civilisation (melodramatic enough?).

Happily, the world of books plods on very much as it always has. Most of the titles on my bookshelves far predate current concerns and I will happily cocoon myself away for a few hours a day, living safely in the past and the foreign lands that lie between the pages. I did, however, receive a couple of titles by the Syrian author Khaled Khalifa from a publisher recently so I may not entirely burrow myself away from reality in the next month or so.

I’ve also been reading quite a few books that are taught on Creative Writing courses (Wonder Boys, The Accidental Tourist, Pnin, etc.) so you might want to prepare yourself for some ramblings about books with middle-aged protagonists whose mid-life crises are wrapped up in clever literary forms. (Yes, I would probably be yawning at that too.)

I don’t honestly know if I will write any reviews this month however. I have gotten into editing on my next novel and I am feeling inspired to slim it down before adding some more content in. Then maybe jump onto my next project. I find writing comes in waves, either creative or critical. It is lovely but not always useful. I don’t know if others find this too?

Anyway, have a lovely April – enjoy the Spring sun!