Ahh, ObamaCare - it doesn't even affect me and I'm already getting anxiety about it from this side of the Atlantic. Affordable healthcare - sounds bloody awful (almost as bad as free healthcare - eeeek! ok, 'free' healthcare). But at least you'll be prepared for when it comes in. And it's probably more useful to your life than reading about Zelda (this is a videogame, yes?) Congratulations are due, however, as I see only one diet book in the top ten - good work America, your New Year's Resolutions are clearly much better than ours in old Blighty (or yours drop off a lot sooner). Having said that, the only thing on the list that catches my juvenile attention is This is Not My Hat, but that's  probably because I enjoy monosyllabic picture books.

The top ten bestselling books in January, according to Amazon US:

The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia by Shigeru Miyamoto book cover

Shigeru Miyamoto
$20.99 from Amazon
Shred by Ian K. Smith book cover

Ian K. Smith
$13.74 from Amazon
Tenth of December by George Saunders book cover

George Saunders
$13.94 from Amazon
Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander book cover

Eben Alexander
$8.79 from Amazon
The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate book cover

Katherine Applegate
$9.00 from Amazon
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn book cover

Gillian Flynn
$13.75 from Amazon
Clean by Alejandro Junger

Alejandro Junger
$9.34 from Amazon
Beating Obamacare by Betsy McCaughey book cover

Betsy McCaughey
$8.22 from Amazon
ObamaCare Survival Guide by Nick Tate book cover

Nick Tate
$18.98 from Amazon
This is Not My Hat by Jon Klassen book cover

Jon Klassen
$8.79 from Amazon
Prices correct on 31/01/2013