So the top ten is filled with diet books and cooks books in almost equal measure. Interesting indeed, especially if they're being purchased by the same people (sweet torture to skim through a book of glossy cake photographs, I'd have thought). Incidentally, what's quicker: a Fast Diet, or a 2-Day diet? I'm seeing a gap in the market for my own entree into the field; The Really Fast, 24 Hour Diet: Cake is Never More than a Day Away. Beats the Atkins at any rate. Incidentally, as I have the metabolism of a 7 year old boy still, I'm probably not really allowed to comment, but wouldn't we all do better to just eat healthily and take regular exercise? Does a 48 hour diet really provide lasting results? I'm probably a cynic, but I'd still rather a happy friend than a skinny one. Anyway, I'm dangerously out of my depth here, but thankfully those ramblings do mean I don't have time to write about Jeffrey Archer's new book - hurrah!

The top ten bestselling books in February, according to Amazon UK:

The Fast Diet by Michael Mosley book cover

Michael Mosley
£5.19 from Amazon
The Meaning of Liff by Douglas Adams book cover

The Meaning of Liff
Douglas Adams
£5.27 from Amazon
The 2-Day Diet by Michelle Harvie book cover

The 2-Day Diet
Michelle Harvie
£6.81 from Amazon
Mary Berry at Home by Mary Berry book cover

Mary Berry
£10.00 from Amazon
The Hary Dieters by The Hairy Bikers book cover

Hairy Bikers
£7.00 from Amazon
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn book cover
Gillian Flynn
£3.85 from Amazon
The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce book cover

Rachel Joyce
£3.84 from Amazon
Best Kept Secret by Jeffrey Archer book cover

Best Kept Secret
Jeffrey Archer
£11.00 from Amazon
Delia's Cakes by Delia Smith book cover

Delia Smith
£15.00 from Amazon
The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

John Green
£3.85 from Amazon
Prices correct on 28/02/2013