Diet books everywhere - eek! I'm not going there anymore. I'm never going to read a book like The 5 Love Languages, but if someone could tell me what the five are, it'd be much appreciated (I like to know what I'm deficient in). Some fellow called Dan Brown has a new book out apparently, I'll wait until he really takes off before I give him a try. America the Beautiful makes me happy. It's good to know the UK is still ahead of trend on some things. We went through denial about our own demise more than fifty years ago - that's fresh my friend! And don't worry, we're still open to continuing the 'special relationship', even if it is out the back of a shared trailer as we watch China whizz by in a gold-plated hummer, shooting dirt up into our envious faces.

The top ten bestselling books in February, according to Amazon US:

Shred by Ian K. Smith book cover

Ian K. Smith
$13.74 from Amazon
The 5 Love Languages by Gary D. Chapman book cover

Gary D. Chapman
$7.86 from Amazon
Salt Sugar Fat by Michael Moss book cover

Michael Moss
$15.39 from Amazon
Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander book cover

Eben Alexander
$8.79 from Amazon
The Fast Diet by Michael Mosley book cover

Michael Mosley
$14.72 from Amazon
Inferno by Dan Brown book cover

Dan Brown
$17.97 from Amazon

Shigeru Miyamoto
$22.29 from Amazon
America the Beautiful by Ben Carson book cover

Ben Carson
$11.69 from Amazon
The Blood Sugar Solution Cookbook by Mark Hyman book cover

Mark Hyman
$16.28 from Amazon
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn book cover

Gillian Flynn
$13.75 from Amazon
Prices correct on 28/02/2013